Laminate flooring is a high-grade floor covering, which allows you to make a floor of the most exotic and incredible colors. Wide range of textures, colors and designs allows you to apply it in various interiors: from classic to modern.

Laminate flooring is resistant to wear, abrasion, formation of defects, chips and cracks, able to withstand persistent serious loads. Laminate does not fade when exposed to ultraviolet light, so the original pattern remains for the entire life. Also, the floor is guaranteed not to turn yellow and not darken a few years after, as is usually the case with natural wood.

The surface of the laminate is hypoallergenic, so nothing can cause an allergic reaction. Also, it is easy to clean – the surface of the laminate flooring has high dirt repellent and dust-repellent characteristics, so the owners will not spend much time cleaning and washing.

The production of A-Tech Flooring® laminate is carried out using modern technologies, selective and environmentally friendly raw materials, high-quality components for laminate floors. The process of manufacturing products is almost completely automated, but each stage of production is controlled not only by the computer, but also by specialists.

* The appearance of the surfaces as viewed on a monitor screen can only approximate the colors and structures of the actual finished products.