A-Tech Flooring® Laminate and Rigid Vinyl flooring simply click together. No glue, no nails required

 Transportation and Storage

 Please transport A-Tech Flooring® products carefully without removing it from the original packaging. Large quantities should also be stored in the original packaging to prevent damage.


Getting Ready to Lay

 To calculate how many square metres of laminate or WPC flooring you will need, measure and multiply the room’s length and width and then add an extra 10% to account for trim.

Acclimate A-Tech Flooring® laminate or WPC/SPC flooring by storing the unopened packages for at least 48 hours at room temperature (at least 18°C) where it will be installed.

Prior to laying A-Tech Flooring® laminate or WPC/SPC panels, check them once again to ensure that they are undamaged, of the right size and identical in appearance when viewed in daylight at the installation site. If you discover any actual defects, please contact your dealer or sales representative right away.

We also recommend that you devote thought to a laying pattern before starting. It’s also very helpful to calculate the panel lengths for the first two or three rows and cut them to size. The panels of the last row shouldn’t be narrower than 5cm. To achieve this, it may also be necessary to make the first row narrower.

Laminate Flooring Installation Instruction PDF
WPC Flooring Installation Instruction PDF